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We have extensive experience in the management of Continuing Airworthiness. It is the timely performance of all activities related to scheduled maintenance, as well as any technical defects that minimizes the time required for servicing the aircraft. Also, we take care of all the helicopter documentation necessary in the process of operating the means of transport following applicable regulations. As a result, we order the required spare parts and inform the customer in advance about the upcoming maintenance work.

Strictly defined procedures, regulations, and requirements govern the use and maintenance of a helicopter. These standards are published both by the aviation authorities, certification bodies and manufacturers of machinery and components. Importantly, they are subject to constant updates and changes, and their compliance is one of the essential conditions of Continuing Airworthiness.

With many years of experience and knowledge in the field of pilotage and service support, we want to guarantee you professional assistance in the management of Continuing Airworthiness. Our qualified staff regularly analyzes all new regulations and appearing publications on helicopters; therefore, entrusting us with the management of your machine, you can be sure that its documentation will be updated continuously. Also, we will complete all formalities at the Civil Aviation Office, as well as translate the manual and all documentation to Polish.

The professional team of licensed aircraft mechanics will guarantee timely, efficiently performed engineering service consistent with a specially developed Technical Service Program. All work will be scheduled in advance, and the service will be prepared to save you the trouble. The necessary parts and components will be imported, even before the arrival of your helicopter in our center, so that the time needed for technical service will be reduced to a minimum.

Our offer is addressed to all helicopter users: individual customers, companies, state institutions, and others. With Horizon Air Services, your helicopter will always be fully operational and ready to fly.


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