Get behind the controls

Thousands of hours spent in the air prompted us to share our experience. For all those who dream about it, by independently sitting at the controls of a helicopter. Also, for those who want to improve their skills and increase their qualifications, we have prepared individual pilot training courses.

Helicopter pilot license PPL (H) is the first and primary stage that opens the way to further career. Obtaining this type of license allows you to perform, during right weather conditions, helicopter flights for your use (non-commercial), and also allows you to apply for the CPL (H) pilot's status. According to the minimum number of hours, this training should take up to 45 hours. The practical part is preceded by a theoretical course, conducted in a modern, well-equipped lecture hall of our center. In our offer, we also have a course for a CPL (H) helicopter pilot license - in a modular form - for PPL (H) license holders and an integrated license holder - for people without previous flight experience. The CPL (H) license enables commercial helicopter flights. Also, pilots with one type of license are offered a different kind of license or qualification. We also conduct training in safe flying and dealing in emergencies.

We will be delighted to sit at the controls next to you.


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