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New or used?

That is the question. We will help you answer it by making detailed calculations in which we take into account the needs and expectations of the helicopter. Thanks to this, we are able to find the most suitable machine for our client's needs. Also, we will take care of all registration formalities so that you can enjoy your new purchase as soon as possible.

We provide professional assistance and professional support upon buying a new or used helicopter regardless of the model and manufacturer. Before making a transaction, on your behalf, we thoroughly check each machine - its technical condition, legal status, flight history, test the correctness of operation during the flight.

Our competence also includes transporting a helicopter from a factory or a seller from any country of the world directly to the destination indicated by the customer. The transport takes place by air or in any other manner you prefer (e.g. on board a ship or plane).

In Poland, we prepare and complete the documentation necessary to obtain insurance and conduct the registration process. In the interest of the highest standard of service, we deal with all permits. We complete formalities related to customs service, translation of technical documentation, leasing, receipt of a certificate of airworthiness, compliance with the noise standard, and permission to use radio communication devices (onboard radio).

In addition, we assist in the field of service and management of the newly purchased fleet.

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