Qualified technical personnel: In technical service, we focus primarily on quality. Our mechanics are people with many years of experience, licensed for many types of helicopters, and most importantly enjoying a very good reputation in the aviation community. We perfectly understand the need for timely service, which means that your equipment is always ready to fulfill its assigned tasks. Scrupulousness and punctuality are an absolute priority here. Especially for our clients, we provide the possibility of telephone or e-mail consultations. Extensive knowledge and in-depth knowledge of the aviation industry allowed us to establish cooperation with such respected and well-known helicopter manufacturers as: Enstrom Helicopter Corporation, Robinson Helicopter Company, Airbus Helicopters, Helicopters Guimbal and Bell Helicopter Textron. In addition, thanks to the fact that we meet European requirements and standards for aircraft service, we have received the PART-145 Maintenance Organization certificate – see the document. This document authorizes us to perform technical maintenance of various types of helicopters and to issue appropriate certificates in this regard. We also have a certificate of the Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization (CAMO) PART-CAMO. We have a very wide range of licenses when it comes to the types of supported helicopters. These include: Enstrom FX280, F28, Cabri G-2, Robinson R66, R44, R22, Airbus Helicopters EC120, EC130, EC135, EC145. We fly the following helicopters: EC135, R44, Cabri G2 For the sake of the full comfort of our clients, we have created an extensive service base with a well-equipped hangar, office facilities, a lecture hall, as well as a hotel for the crew and guests. We have our own, well-maintained, illuminated helipad. Our service center is located at the Ułęż airport, near Dęblin. At the same time, meeting the different needs of our customers, our comprehensively qualified technical staff performs repairs outside the main center. We are fully available, so we can provide immediate assistance in the event of sudden faults. We guarantee fast but reliable service and repair. We try to adjust the schedule of maintenance works to the client’s requirements. PL.145.095 certificatesee certificate
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