Logistic support

We will do it for you!

The purchase of a helicopter is associated with providing the machine with a hangar, landing pad, fuel, insurance, pilot, mechanic, service, etc. It all seems very complicated, but it doesn’t have to be that way. At the customer’s request, we will carry out the entire logistic process of the purchased helicopter. We will share our experience with you, which will allow you to avoid the most common mistakes and omissions.

As part of our services, we offer helicopter owners comprehensive, professional technical service, which is carried out in a timely manner by licensed aircraft mechanics. We inform the customer about planned and required service works in advance and prepare them so that they are carried out as quickly as possible. We keep documentation, complete all formalities at the Civil Aviation Authority, and manage Continuous Airworthiness.

We help new buyers before and during the purchase of the machine, we check its efficiency, parameters and technical condition. We guarantee support during transport to the country, registration, insurance, and translation of documents.

In addition, for those who establish cooperation with Horizon Air Services, we have prepared a number of amenities that will make using the helicopter a pure pleasure. We have a well-maintained, illuminated landing field, hangar, office facilities, a lecture hall and a hotel.

Our logistic support also includes professional assistance in the purchase of equipment and accessories that are useful, and often even necessary, during the pilot. We organize the entire process related to the purchase, use and servicing of a helicopter in the least troublesome way for our customers. No wonder that the group of people and companies satisfied with Horizon Air Services is constantly growing.

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