We have a great understanding

Thanks to many years of experience in helicopter aviation, we have a great understanding of the range of products that can be used in practice during the flight, as well as the hangar of the machine. The number of models and types of individual accessories tested by the Horizon Air Services team allows us to easily select equipment tailored to the individual needs and financial capabilities of each client. Great market research means that we are able to meet all the most sophisticated orders and even import devices from reputable brands that are not available in Poland.


In addition, we comprehensively deal with the modification and modernization of equipment in our clients’ helicopters. We provide assistance in the selection and purchase of accessories, as well as we guarantee a professionally carried out assembly in accordance with the highest standards.


If you have been convinced by our competence, knowledge, experience and you are interested in the services offered by Horizon Air Services, please contact us by phone or via e-mail. We will be happy to answer all your questions, provide the necessary information, and advise you in case of doubt. We are at your disposal.

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